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At Say I Do you’ll walk in as a bride longing for a gown, and leave with the excitement that you’ve finally found the dress you’ve always dreamed of. Our staff works with each bride however long it takes until you’re certain you’ve found the right dress to wear on the most important day of your life. At Say I Do you'll have your own personal experienced bridal consultant to help guide you through the whole process. We carry a vast array of styles seen in today's most popular bridal magazines. We also carry gowns for mothers, bridesmaids, flower girls, communion, prom, graduation, and Tuxedo Rentals.


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Trunk Shows

"We have the largest selection of Stella York bridal gowns in Northern New Jersey"

Our Designers:

Wedding Gowns:

Stella York | Justin Alexander


Jade, Jade Couture | Daymor Couture | Montage, Ivonne D, Cameron Blake | Alex Evenings | Terani


Bari Jay | Christina Wu Celebrations | Sorella Vita | Dessy-Alfred Sung | Adrianna Papell


Ed Berger


Tuxedo Rentals

At Say I Do Bridals we are committed to helping you look your best. We can walk you through the process of choosing the right tuxedo or help recreate a style you may have seen in a picture. We offer a full line of tuxedos and suits from all the major designers including Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tony Bowls, and Jean Yves. You can be sure that not only will you find the style you are looking for but that it will be tailored to fit perfectly so you can look your best at your special event.

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Traditional Fit

A classic, fuller cut tuxedo.

Modern Fit

Fashion-forward styling with a flattering silhouette.

Slim Fit

Contemporary styling with a slimming appearance.

Tips to look your best:

Overall Size

In general, most well-fitting suits should lie cleanly and smoothly on the body. With the exception of the jacket’s fullness over the shoulder blades, there should be very little rippling anywhere in the suit. Puckering and pulling are signs that a suit is too small.

Jacket Length

The most common rule of thumb (quite literally) is that the bottom of the jacket should be parallel with the bottom of your thumb when your arm is hanging at your side. However, classic couturier and author Alan Flusser points out that this method is flawed because different men have different arm lengths (relative to their torso) and that a skilled tailor will take other factors into account. Generally, if the jacket is longer than the half-way point between the bottom of the collar and the floor then it is too long. And if it does not cover the wearer’s seat then it is too short.


Many store tailors will determine proper trouser length by simply hemming it at the level of the shoe’s heel but this fixed rule does not take into account variable factors that are unique to each man. At their longest, trouser legs should fall just low enough to conceal the sock when walking. Uncuffed trousers should be hemmed on a slant to that they are lower at the back than at the front. This will minimize the amount of break at the front of the leg while at the same time maximize the weight of the trouser leg so it won’t flap about at the heel when walking.


The shirt’s sleeves should be just long enough that they don’t pull back from the wrist when the wearer extends his arms fully when wearing a jacket (the jacket’s armhole will impact the practical length of the shirt sleeve). Because mainstream shirt-makers save money by offering shirts only in odd numbered sleeve lengths half of all men will likely end up with a sleeve that is too long and subsequently too blousy. (A so-called “34/35” sleeve is really a 35 – it can’t be both.) This excess fabric can bunch up within a narrow jacket sleeve causing it to pull back the shirt sleeve when the arm is extended.

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